Last Chance For Essex Candidates

Mayoral candidates in Essex are making a final push as voters head to the polls Monday morning at 10am.

Ron Rogers says he plans to bring more business and lower taxes if elected as the town’s next mayor. “We have been able to attract more business to our area. We’ve gotten some of our plans of subdivision,” says Rogers. “If not gained the position, we have approached it very closely to the position of lowest municipal tax centre in the county.”

Andy Comber says his focus will be roads and sewers. “(I think we need) more of the infrastructure taken care of because I think some of that has been put to the side,” says Comber.

Current councillor Bill Baker says he has a clear vision for the future of Essex. “Both of our downtown centres, Essex and Harrow, have some major streetscaping improvements,” says Baker. “In addition to that in four years I see at least half of the plan for our hard-top surfacing and the remaining roads that we have. All of this however has to come from increased revenues and that’s the focus.”

Incumbent Ron McDermott says he plans to press forward with his plan to make Essex a better place to live. “Structurally I hope we have a few more additions than we have presently and I would think our downtown are going to start filling up with people in the buildings,” says McDermott. “I think you will see our centres much better than they look today.”

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