Amherstburg Mayoral Candidates On Finances

It’s no secret, Amherstburg’s financial situation is top of mind for voters as they head to the polls in just two days.

Mayoral candidate Aldo DiCarlo says he has a plan to tackle the town’s money woes. “I plan on tackling it by first of all keeping on eye the on administration who is supposed to be doing it,” says DiCarlo. “I know a lot of people are looking to council to fix things and I wouldn’t say that’s not true, we should be.”

John Sutton says as mayor he would address the town’s debt and replenish reserves. “The new council coming in has to have an understanding of what the debt level is,” says Sutton. “Then we have to couple that with how do we replenish the reserves that were spent without council’s knowledge or approval and do it in a way that’s fiscally responsible.”

Focusing heavily on the town’s finances is something Ron Sutherland says will be his priority. “The fact remains is we’ve already implemented a number of procedures and safeguards in place so that the general reserves can’t be depleted without council’s approval,” says Sutherland.

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