Update: Windsor Loses Ford Engine Investment

The president of Unifor Local 200 calls it devastating.

The Ford Motor Company was unable to reach a $2-billion deal with provincial and federal governments that would have secured more than 1,000 jobs in Windsor and the future of the company’s plants in Windsor.

Chris Taylor says the future for laid off workers is much more uncertain. “Our members who are on layoff right now know that if we don’t get more product the likelihood of recall is very slim,” he tells BlackburnNews.com. “We know that our engine plants right now are stable but engines, as they right now don’t last forever. So, you’re always looking for upgrades or new product to make sure that you’ve got a future.”

Instead, the global engine will be built in Mexico.

Unifor National President Jerry Dias calls it disappointing. “The auto industries that are flourishing around the world are ones where there is a deep commitment from government and an understanding of the importance and wisdom of investment, which always pays dividends.”

Taylor fears the announcement will further stall Windsor’s economy. “We have not gained back our jobs. It’s a sad state of affairs when we’re out on the front pages and in the media touting that the 400 call centre jobs are great. I have no disrespect for those 400 jobs (but) we need more than $11/hr jobs to get out of this recession.”

Members of Unifor Local 200 are invited to a meeting on Sunday at 10am at the Caboto Club.