Canadians Urged Not To Prejudge

Essex MP Jeff Watson, August 5, 2014. (Photo by Adelle Loiselle.)

Essex MP Jeff Watson is urging Canadians to wait for legislative changes beefing up surveillance and detention powers before passing judgement.

The Conservatives were ready to introduce changes to the law governing the Canadian Security Intelligence Service when a gunman interrupted business on Parliament Hill Wednesday. One day later, Prime Minister Stephen Harper indicated he will expedite measures to increase the Canadian Security Intelligence Services’ authority.

Watson admits its a balancing act to respect the rights fo Canadians with the ability to identify terrorists and prevent attacks. “Evaluate the content of the legislation,” he says. “And then make a determination about whether we have the balance right or not.”

Saying the country has reached a turning point, Watson says the attack in Ottawa won’t impact Canada’s role in the fight against the Islamic State and the Levant. “We will continue, I think to take the approach we’re doing.”