Results Of Candidate Health Survey

Photo courtesy of the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

Before you cast your ballot next Monday, you might want to check out how municipal candidates responded to a survey conducted by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, or if they bothered to respond.

Out of 227 candidates running for mayor or council in Windsor, the seven municipalities in Essex County and Pelee Island, only 53 or 23% sent in a response. The survey, conducted between September 17 and September 26, included candidates for trustee positions at the region’s school boards.

Public Health Nurse Jennifer Johnston says health and poverty aren’t just provincial and federal issues; they can be impacted at the municipal level too. “Municipalities play a huge role,” says Johnston. “They do make choices and have the opportunity to influence transportation, local food systems and overall social services.”

Despite the results, Johnston is positive about the response. “Not only did we have over 70 responses in our initial survey send out, but we’ve actually had, since the results have been published, a number of candidates that have called back or emailed us and said that they just haven’t had the time previously and would still like to participate.”

She expects results from a few more candidates in the coming days. The survey will be updated before Election Day, October 27.