Recreation Centre Dilemma In Lakeshore

Performance by Lakeshore Academy of Fine Arts. (Photo courtesy LAFA/Facebook)

The owner of Lakeshore Academy of Fine Arts wants to keep her studio inside a facility the town plans to close.

Sarah Ilijanich asked to purchase the Puce Sports and Leisure Centre for one dollar. Lakeshore Council says it couldn’t simply give away a town asset to a private venture.

She says her programs are important to so many young people in the area. “When it first started out it was just about giving an opportunity for kids to have a voice,” says Ilijanich. “But now, over the years, not only do they have a voice, but they’re actually doing things in the world. They’re in movies, commercials, print work and travelling to Toronto. We’ve had over 800 jobs booked in Toronto.”

Since the new Atlas Tube Centre was built, the town plans to close the old centre leaving Ilijanich with nowhere to go. Ilijanich says she plans to approach the town with a business plan to work out a deal for the Puce centre.