Amherstburg Mayoral Candidates Face Students

Photo of Anderdon Public School in Amherstburg courtesy of

They’re not old enough to vote yet, but when they are, their teachers want to make sure they do.

Grade 5 students at Anderdon Public School are hosting Amherstburg’s four mayoral candidates at a question and answer session. Students attending Malden Central and Amherstburg Public schools will also grill John Sutton, Aldo DiCarlo, Ron Sutherland and Marty Alder as they gear up for their mock election Friday.

Teacher Sonia Donatelli-Scott is heading up the Student Vote program at Anderdon Public School and says it’s important to get students involved at a young age. “They need to be informed and it’s their responsibility to be an informed citizen before they go to that polling station. They need to do this,” she says. “They need to keep up with the paper, and they need to watch the news, and keep up with media, and they need to have these questions in mind.”

The students came up with the questions themselves. They range from an inquiry about what candidates would do to save green space in Amherstburg, to how the town can maintain its standing as one of the safest communities in Canada with its current financial challenges.