Developer Fined For Asbestos file photo.

A Windsor property developer will have to pay a $100,000 fine for failing to comply with a Ministry of the Environment order involving asbestos at the old Grace Hospital site.

The vacant hospital, surrounded on three sides by residential homes, was sold to Grace Village Windsor Inc. in 2006 to build a long-term care facility. Three years later, the Ministry of Labour cautioned the developer there could be asbestos in the structure of the building and demolition work ground to a halt. By 2011, the developer lost the contract because of a lack of progress on the project.

Soon after, the City of Windsor ordered the company to hire an environmental consultant, find out if there was asbestos within the structure, and dispose of it properly. Following that order, a ministry consultant inspected the site, and the developer was ordered again to retain a consultant, make sure no asbestos was discharged offsite, and to dispose of it properly. Grace Village Windsor Inc. did and reported back it didn’t find asbestos on the site.

Because it took the developer so long to comply with the order, the Ministry of Labour collected samples at the abandoned hospital which tested positive for asbestos.

The company has pled guilty to four offences under the Environmental Protection Act and fined $25,000 for each charge. It also has to pay victim fine surcharges of $25,000.

The City of Windsor now owns the site, and it has since been cleaned up.