Museum Expansion Project Begins

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis takes a swing at a wall to kick off the museum expansion project at 401 Riverside Dr. West. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

The $6.2-million museum expansion project in the art gallery building on Riverside Dr. is officially underway.

The project will add 10,000 sq. ft of exhibition and programming space to Windsor’s Community Museum. The Art Gallery of Windsor will remain open on the top two floors of the building during construction.

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis says this project has been contemplated since before he was first elected in 1999 and he is proud to finally see it through. “The space that will be created will allow us to tell our story. Tell our story not only to our residents but to visitors alike and to begin the proper development of a museum in the city of Windsor. So we’re very, very excited.”

It’s being funded through the City of Windsor capital budget, the bequest of Joseph Chimczuk, and a $2-million grant from the federal government. The provincial government is also partnering with the city to provide operational dollars for the museum.

Construction is expected to wrap up in October 2015.