WIFF Celebrating 10 Years

Executive Director of the Windsor International Film Festival announces the highlights of the 10th anniversary festival. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

The Windsor International Film Festival is celebrating ten years with showings of 111 different films.

“We view, combined, well over 1,000 films. We have a long list, we tally that, we discuss them. I’ll put it to you this way, no film ever gets into the festival by accident, it’s really been thought about, who its audience is for, will it work, all different pieces,” says Executive Director Vincent Georgie.

This year’s festival will last nine days spanning over two weekends. It’s the longest festival to date and organizers expect over 15,000 people to attend. Opening night is Saturday, November 1.

Georgie says the festival will feature many highly anticipated, potential oscar winners along with four local selections. “There’s a feature film called Beyond the Deep that’s been programmed as well as three short films that we’re really excited about. The quantity of local submissions goes up every year but also notably the quality of it as well and that’s really terrific. We’re very, very happy to showcase the phenomenal talent that exists here.”

Tickets are on sale online or can be purchased at the Capitol Theatre box office starting Oct. 2.