Windsor Candidate Releases Jobs Plan

Windsor mayoral candidate John Millson, September 15 2014. (Photo by Adelle Loiselle.)

One of twelve candidates running for mayor in Windsor says the city already has most of the building blocks for economic success in the 21st century.

John Millson released his plan to boost employment Friday focusing on trade, tourism and transportation. He says he’d like to make the region’s proposed new acute care hospital an internationally renowned teaching hospital, encourage business related to cross-border trade and attract more investment in entertainment. “The City of Windsor has been well poised with over 10-million people within a very short drive of the City of Windsor,” he says. “There’s so much happening now with the wineries and the different plant tours that we have in the City of Windsor. There’s a great opportunity to increase that through additional gaming and entertainment facilities.”

On Friday, fellow mayoral candidate Drew Dilkens warned voters taxes increased 13% during Millson’s previous tenure as mayor ending in 1991, but Millson says the comparison is unfair. “Those were the days when we, the municipality paid a lot of the cost of sewer work,” he says. “All those charges, this city council’s flipped over to Enwin (Windsor Utilities Commission) to sewer charges. It’s not apples to apples, and we’ll be pleased to show our record and it’ll stand up against any other record that this council has.”

Millson says he also has an infrastructure plan which he plans to roll out at a later date.