Detroit Demands Community Benefits In Writing

The Detroit neighbourhood of Del Ray courtesy of

A Detroit city councillor wants to ensure quality of life for residents in Del Ray doesn’t suffer during, or after, construction on the new bridge between Windsor and Detroit.

Detroit city council recently rejected a proposal that would have transferred 301 properties in Del Ray, where the U.S. side of the border crossing will be located, over concerns about community benefits and the value of the land. Governor Rick Snyder’s office says it’s committed to community benefits, but Raquel Castaneda-Lopez says nothing is guaranteed, or even defined.

“We have met more recently in the past month, especially related to this initial land transfer, but, unfortunately, we have yet to see legally binding terms in writing. We’ve had a lot of verbal commitments.”

The residents want a larger buffer zone around the bridge, home repairs and relocation to new homes for displaced residents, access to public parks and access to public transportation. Castaneda-Lopez also wants guarantees at least half of the revenue from the border crossing is reinvested back into Del Ray ensuring future benefits too.

For years, residents in west Windsor have complained about the impact of border traffic on Huron Church Rd. has on their quality of life. Castaneda Lopez says Windsor residents who sympathize can help by writing the City of Detroit and the Governor Rick Snyder’s office.