Input Wanted On New City Hall

New Windsor City Hall design concept option 1, the Campus Concept. (Rendering provided by Moriyama & Teshima Architects)

The choice is yours — Windsor administration¬†wants your input on what the next city hall building will look like.

An open house was held for residents Tuesday to peruse and vote between the two ideas.¬†It’s between a campus design and gateway concept. Both cost $22.5-million.

Levi Bjorkman says anything is better than the current city hall. “This is a great opportunity, a great milestone for the city and it’s important that they do it right because there will be enough naysayers as it is regardless of which way they go,” says Bjorkman. “So I think we have to take a good look at it and be supportive of what they’re trying to do. It is our money.”

City administration prefers the campus concept for savings in heating and cooling.

Once the votes are tallied, council will have final say on the design. You can pick your favourite by voting online here.