Windsor’s Historic Assumption Church Closing

Assumption Church in Windsor. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

After two fundraising campaigns over seven years, the Diocese of London has decided it will shut down Windsor’s historic Assumption Church this November.

The parish was founded in 1728, and the current building dates back to 1842. In 2007, an assessment of the building uncovered $9.8-million in needed repairs to the masonry, the roof, and load bearing walls. Since then, the cost has risen to $15-million. In a statement to parishioners, Bishop Ronald Fabbro writes, “we are rich in faith and in our temporal assets, but are cash poor.” While the diocese says the building is safe, it also says it’s on “life support.” A fence has been erected around the perimeter of the building to safeguard the public from potential falling debris.

In a separate statement to the media, Bishop Fabbro writes, “it was my desire to tell the parishioners of Assumption about the new way forward for Assumption parish first. I had hoped that they would hear of this decision directly from me. Unfortunately, that could not happen, and I apologize for that.” Fabbro intends to attend all masses at Assumption over the Labour Day weekend.

The final masses at Assumption will be November 1 and 2, and on November 3 the parish at Assumption will move to Holy Name of Mary Church in the 600-block of McEwan Ave.