New Leamington Multi-Use Trail

The Trans Canada Trail group is helping build a new multi-use trail in Leamington that will connect users to other parts of the county.

The 4-metre wide gravel trail will run along abandoned rail lands between Essex County Road #18 and Essex County Road #8.

Leamington Mayor John Paterson says this path could not have happened without funding opportunities from their partners. “We were able to convince (Essex) County Council that this is the county connecting link of all the trails to everybody so they’ve partnered up with us. Then Municipality of Leamington is throwing in a portion and that’s all coming from our gas tax.”

The Trans Canada Trail group is contributing $680,000, the County of Essex is contributing nearly $130,000 and the the town will pay around $180,000 to complete the trail. Construction is expected to be complete by the end of the year.