Subdivision Extension Granted

Town of Amherstburg sign. Photo courtesy

After three years of a bad housing market a Amherstburg developer is hoping to get a new subdivision off the ground as soon as possible.

Amherstburg council granted a three year extension of a draft plan approval for the 91 lot subdivision in McGregor.

Woodland Trails developer Katherine Roth says she is seeing a demand for the type of property being proposed. “One of the things that I have come to learn in the real estate business is that people in the country want larger lots. So this development has been designed with 100 ft. lots. The smallest lot in the subdivision is 100 ft. by 150 ft. most of them are deeper than that.”

The subdivision was first contemplated in 2006, an extension has been granted until 2017. Roth is hoping to start construction in spring 2015.  The subdivision will be near the corner of Walker Rd. and Middle Side Rd.