New Trail for Tecumseh Vista

Plan for the proposed trail to connect Tecumseh Vista Academy to McAuliffe Park.

Tecumseh is building a new walking trail connecting Tecumseh Vista Academy to McAuliffe Park.

The town negotiated a five-year easement agreement with land owners to facilitate the trail so that more students can walk to school safely. A request for tender will be issued and construction will begin as soon as possible with hopes of having the trail completed by the end of September.

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara says eventually those lands will be developed and there will be a road connecting Shields St. to Banwell Rd. “But in the meantime we wanted an interim trail system to connect obviously the community from St. Alphonse and Lesperance, from that area, the big subdivision through McAuliffe Park to access the school.”

It will cost around $63,000 to complete the trail which includes compensation to the land owners for the easements. The cost will be split between the town and the school board.