NARMCO Looking For CIP Grant

The NARMCO Group is looking to the City of Windsor for over $1-million in incentives to expand its manufacturing and office space in the city.

The automotive metal stamping company is looking to expand its Prince Rd. manufacturing facility by 21,600 square feet and expand the office space by 14,600 sq. ft. to locate the world headquarters in Windsor.

Corporate Manager Don Rodzik Jr. says the expansion may not occur without the grants from the city. “I believe that this is a great opportunity and a great hurdle. I think that without this we would have to caucus and rethink our plan.”

If approved, the company would receive a grant of approximately $119,313 a year for ten years based on the estimated increase of the assessed property value under the city’s Economic Development Community Improvement Plan. The company is also seeking a grant of all municipal fees associated with the development which would equal around $50,000.