Funding For 100 Da Vinci Surgeries

Windsor Regional Hospital's new Da Vinci machine. (Photo by Adelle Loiselle.)

Windsor Regional Hospital hopes to perform 100 surgeries this year with its new $4-million Da Vinci machine.

The surgery allows surgeons to perform operations lathroscopically with the use of a robot and 3-D imaging. At first, Met Campus chief of urology Ron Sorensen says it’ll be used only for selective surgeries. “We’re starting off selectively with radical prostatectomies, in other words, for prostate cancer, taking out the prostate.”

Sorensen says a well-trained surgeon can perform an operation faster, and the patient could recover in their home sooner. He also says in the right surgeon’s hands, it could mean fewer complications.

The hospital plans to start surgeries this fall and has funding to perform 150 procedures next year.