Race In Wards 4 And 10 Grow

BlackburnNews.com file photo.

The municipal election race in Windsor has now grown to nine candidates in Ward 10, and six in Ward 4.

Howard Weeks, son of former Mayor Bert Weeks, has filed nomination papers to run in Ward 4 on a platform of investing more in neighbourhoods and greater accountability. “Having gone down the rabbit hole and finding out what it’s really like at city council, what really goes on and seeing how much needs to be done, I really have no choice.”

Weeks is running against Chris Holt, Remy Boulbol, Josh Haddon, Brian Caza and Adriano Ciotoli. Incumbent Alan Halberstadt is not running for re-election.

Ward 10 incumbent Al Maghneih is, but faces eight opponents including Jim Morrison, who says residents need some they can trust with the city’s purse. The banker with 35 years experience supports many of the current council’s capital projects but going forward, says the focus has to be on paying those expenses. “We still have to pay for the aquatic centre,” he says. “Current council has planned a new city hall. There’s a new museum in the works, so there’s a lot on the plate right now. We can not add more big projects until we pay for this.”

Also running in Ward 10 is Paul Borrelli, Mohamed Chams, Wally Chafchak, Santino Pirrone, Kale F.C. MacNeil and Maria Fernandes.