Seeking Out Big Brothers

Big Brothers Big Sisters celebrates 100 years and recognizes sponsors.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Windsor Essex is looking for 60 good men.

A campaign to find mentors for young boys who may not have a father figure in their life is underway, and executive director John Sutton says if you think you can’t afford the time commitment, think again. The agency provides a variety of different programs. “We’re also in the schools in our in-schools mentoring program where you see the child for one hour a week. Engage them in some kind of non-scholastic activity.”

Sutton says the number of big sisters outnumbers big brothers by about four to one in Windsor-Essex.

He says mentoring can make a big impact in a young person’s life. “There’s a lot of positive benefits where they go on to post-secondary education at greater rates, are less likely to be bullied, less likely to engage in bullying.”