Express Still Looking for Contract

The Windsor Express and the City of Windsor administration have been given two weeks to come up with new contract details for the WFCU Centre.

The professional basketball team is looking to the city to waive up to $115,000 in rental fees at the WFCU Centre and to remove the $1 ticket surcharge on any complimentary ticket given by the team for the next three years.

Team owner Dartis Willis says this is a crucial year for the team in the city and they need continued support. “We’ve been very creative but we’re asking the city to partner, look at those opportunities to utilize that arena. If we leave or if we’re gone that arena just sits there with just Spitfire days.”

City administration is recommending a $4,530 rental fee per game and only $150 surcharge free tickets for the team to maintain revenue at the WFCU Centre.