Drug Arrests Increase Substantially

Leamington OPP station. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

A focus on drugs in Leamington is being hailed a success by the local OPP detachment.

Police investigated 39 drug incidents in April and May, or one incident every day-and-a-half.

It’s because of a new initiative, but Staff Sargent Mike Beatty wouldn’t elaborate further. “What it has also done is provide a lot of training and greater knowledge for the front line officers and a number of the other uniformed and detectives that got involved in it.” Beatty says significant arrests were made involving people who were both trafficking drugs outside the region and locally.

Two incidents were released to the public, including a major grow-op on Seacliff Dr. and an arrest during a traffic stop on Wigle St. Information on any of the other arrests haven’t been released by the OPP.