Call For Detroit Water Bailout file photo. (photo by Adelle Loiselle.)

“If you can save Wall St., you can save the City of Detroit.”

Co-chair of the Windsor chapter of the Council of Canadians Randy Emerson believes Washington should bailout¬†Detroit’s water department after tens of thousands of residents in the city¬†had their water shut off. “Washington had money for Wall St. when they hit the tank there,” he says. “That was billions of dollars they gave them. This is, we’re just talking millions. How much is a city worth? They should be having compassion for their own city.” The council also wants a State of Emergency declared in Detroit.

As Detroit grapples with bankruptcy, its water department is owed $90-million in unpaid bills. Over the next two weeks, the department says it won’t cut more residents off while it works on payment plans with customers in arrears.

The Windsor group brought 1,000L of water to a rally against the shutoff outside Detroit City Hall Thursday, but Emerson admits it’s more of a symbolic gesture since so many are in need.

The United Nations Human Rights Council recently condemned the decision to cut off water to residents calling access to water a human right.