Chesnut Park Getting Pizza Makeover

Chestnut Park in Leamington on July 21, 2014. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Leamington is agreeing to contribute $5,000 as part of a TV show that will completely renovate Chestnut Park.

Public Works Manager Ken Brown says the children’s show ‘Giver’ airing on TVO is going to rebuild the park, which will include¬†a working pizza oven.

“It’s a definite first for Leamington, maybe Essex County, I don’t even know how far, who the first pizza oven in a park would be,” says Brown. “It will be a unique feature. They plan to use it during the show, near the end of it, and make some actual pizzas.” After the show, the oven will be locked and will only be used by the municipality on special occasions.

“You know the tomato industry,” says Brown, noting the show is working with a pizza theme as the inspiration for the park rebuild. “Making various sauces, pizza sauces and our vegetable greenhouses with the tomatoes and peppers and stuff.”

The small neighbourhood park between Chestnut St. and Fox St. had been near the top of the municipality’s list for repairs and maintenance work.

Construction and filming of the show is scheduled for August 20 – 22.