Council Touring Damaged Dyke

Drawings from a July 21, 2014 council report outlining needed repairs for East Marsh Dyke in Leamington. ( file photo)

Leamington Council is joining a public tour of the East Marsh Dyke to get more information on needed repairs.

“I think it’s a great idea,” says John Paterson, Leamington’s mayor commenting on the need for the tour to help council and the public better understand the issue at hand. “Get out there and physically see what it is they’re talking about. You can have a better picture in your mind of what’s going on.”

Paterson says the municipality will need help from higher levels of government to pay for the $6-million repair bill. A report to council suggests that would be the cost to make the necessary fixes to the dyke along the side of Hillman Marsh damaged by a storm in 2004.

“It’s going to take some lobbying,” says Paterson. “It’s not going to happen just because I’ve gone to [an Association of Municipalities Ontario conference] to talk with them, but it gets it on their plate in front of them and maybe we can do more.”

A date hasn’t been scheduled for the tour yet.