Will He Or Won’t He

Those wondering if former CAW national president Ken Lewenza Sr. will enter Windsor’s mayoral race still don’t have a definite answer.

Lewenza says he’s encouraged by members of the community, but he’s still trying to decide. “My mind tells me that I have an obligation to public service. My mind tells me I have a responsibility to Windsor and Essex County because it’s been so good to me,” he says. “I still have the energy, and I still have the drive to make a contribution, but my heart’s not there.”

The deadline for nominations in the upcoming municipal election is September 12, but Lewenza says he won’t leave Windsorites wondering long. “I do think I owe it to Windsor and Essex County to make a decision by the end of July.”

Lewenza answered questions about his possible candidacy while donating $30,000 from his retirement roast six months ago to Windsor’s Downtown Mission, Street Help Unit 7, and Pathway to Potential.