University Explains New Deadline

The president of the University of Windsor says it’s not a complicated situation.

A letter to the Windsor University Faculty Association says unless there’s a tentative contract by midnight Monday, the university will cut off contributions to pension plans, health insurance premiums, access to professional development funds, and no longer collect union dues. It’s the latest development in contract talks that saw the university call for a conciliator before proposals were exchanged, and request a no-board report when negotiations were progressing. The university was in a legal lockout position as of 12:01am Thursday, but the two sides went back to the bargaining table instead.

Alan Wildeman told he wants faculty to make the same sacrifices other employees have made. “Every employee at the university, except the faculty have taken at least two years of base zero percent on their wages and benefits,” he says. “I’m simply asking faculty members to do the same.” Wildeman says the university is also wants cost-sharing for the pension plan.

Wildeman says the university has no plans to lock out faculty.