Aggressive Twist In Faculty Negotiations

University of Windsor. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

The University of Windsor is not locking out its faculty, but is now setting a new deadline for which it plans to change their conditions of employment.

If no tentative deal is reached by midnight on Monday, July 7, the school’s administration plans to cut off its contributions to faculty pension plans, premiums being paid for health insurance, grievance and arbitration procedures between labour and management, access to professional development funds, and collecting union dues from faculty on behalf of the Windsor University Faculty Association.

WUFA President Anne Forrest says this tactic is aggressive and it’s stalling talks. “It’s sort of unprecedentedly aggressive, if you will. Especially among university administrations. So what we are doing right now is crafting a response. And that response is going to take some time for us to put together, and for us to figure out what next steps we’re going to take.”

Forrest says she’ll be meeting with the union executive and members Friday and over the weekend.