Board Considering Gretzky Replacement Options

GECDSB Vice Chair Lisa Gretzky (right), Julia Burgess (middle) and Director Erin Kelly at GECDSB board room, December 3 2013.

The Greater Essex County District School Board has 90 days after Lisa Gretzky’s resignation to fill her vacancy.

The MPP-elect in Windsor-West will be sworn in tomorrow (July 2) as an MPP when the newly elected legislature sits at Queen’s Park for the first time.

“We might want to say ‘you can come from the district at large’ or we might want to say ‘no, from that particular ward,'” says Julia Burgess, the chairperson of the public school board commenting on what sitting trustees may be looking for when they meet in July to decide on filling the vacany.

“Someone who’s passionate about education and kids,” says Burgess, describing what she’s looking for in the new trustee.”[Someone] that thinks that they’d like to bring their expertise to public service.”

Burgess says the vacancy will be filled through an appointment as the Municipal Act doesn’t allow a by-election so close to the next municipal election set for October 27.