Avoiding Potential Derailments

Windsor Rail Yard, March 25, 2014. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

The City of Windsor will be getting to work right away on a piece of high-traffic rail that’s splitting.

City engineer Mario Sonego says $300,000 has been approved for an emergency repair along the tracks at the foot of the Ambassador Bridge on Huron Church Rd., just north of College Ave. “We’ve been trying to do different things over the last couple years to see if we could stop the crack from propagating. It hasn’t worked, so now we have to do the rail replacement.”

Because it’s such a high-traffic area, Sonego says most of the repair work has to be done at night, which makes the job more expensive.

The $300,000 comes from a $1.2-million road rehab reserve, and represents 87% of the entire replacement costs. The other 13% falls on Essex Terminal Rail.