Report Paints Bleak Picture On Poverty

Photo courtesy of the United Way of Windsor-Essex County.

A report called The Cost Of Poverty In Windsor-Essex says poverty is costing the region $450-million and suggests unless something is done to improve those rates, the cost will only grow.

The study, released by the United Way of Windsor-Essex County, says the region has the highest proportion of low-income neighbourhoods in Ontario. It says 18.3% of families live in poverty compared to the provincial rate of 13.9% and nationally, 14.9%. In Windsor-Essex, 42% of families led by single mothers live below the poverty line and almost a quarter of children, 24.2% live in low-income families. It says about half of those children won’t improve their economic status as adults.

The report points to other studies that say lower-income residents suffer poorer health, live shorter lives, have lower rates of literacy and experience higher rates of crime.

The study used the After-Tax Low-Income Measure, which represents 50% of median adjusted after-tax income of households.