Airport Land Going Solar

A map of the proposed Windsor Solar Project on Windsor International Airport land. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

A new solar project set for lands at the Windsor International Airport is in its beginning stages.

The panels are expected to stretch across 450 acres, creating 50 megawatts of power; enough to provide electricity for 6,000 homes.

Project Manager Bruce McAllister says the provincial government no longer allows solar projects to be built on agricultural land, which is limiting. “They did (allow solar on agricultural land) in the past, but those rules have changed,” explains McAllister. “This (the airport) is a nice continuous site, it’s suitable for development and it makes sense for the city to entertain this. It’s economic activity on these lands that probably won’t be developed for some time.”

McAllister says panel height and reflective concerns are being looked into at the moment.

The City of Windsor is working with Windsor Solar LP and Samsung on this green energy project. Final designs are set to be completed by late January 2015, with construction beginning in 2016.