Jail Time For Fake Doctor

Ontario Court of Justice in Windsor. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

A 32-year-old Windsor man will spend another two months in jail after being found guilty of posing as a medical doctor.

Darko Jovanovich has already spent six months behind bars, as he faced six assault charges, two counts of fraud, one of forgery and three counts of false pretenses.

Victim James Heugh says within the first ten minutes of meeting the accused, Jovanovich introduced himself as a pediatric neurosurgeon. “He always seemed a little bit off, but he seemed to be a very smooth talker and knew what he was talking about the majority of the time. Very manipulative.” Heugh had also just lost a family to leukemia at the time, and says Jovanovich went on to convince him that a growth on one of his bones could be the start of the deadly disease.

Other victims in this case gave thousands of dollars to the accused, seeking medical attention. Jovanovich is expected to pay those victims back and will serve an additional two years probation after his release from jail.