Balloonapalooza Decision Yet To Come

Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association Chair Larry Horowitz talks outside of the DWBIA office on Pelissier St. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association is working past its original deadline to figure out how to save Balloonapalooza.

Two weeks ago, the DWBIA announced it had just ten days to raise $30,000, or else the festival would be cancelled.

But after meeting with Mayor Eddie Francis, BIA Chair Larry Horowitz is proposing a few new ways the cold-air balloon festival might still be able to run this summer. “Some of the proposals are ways to work the festival in such ways to make it cost effective, and some of the proposals were in-kind sponsorships which would certainly replace some of the funding and make it fit within the financial parameters that we set.”

Horowitz says the DWBIA Board of Directors will look over the proposals, then make the final call on whether or not Balloonapalooza will hit the streets on August 15. As for a new deadline on the decision, the chair would only say, “I’m hoping as soon as possible.”