Unifor VP Running In Amherstburg

A member of the local labour movement is running for election as an Amherstburg councillor.

Marc Renaud is vice president of Unifor Local 200. The 52-year-old life-long resident says his motivation is to help get the town back on track financially as well as become more accountable and transparent.

“We didn’t end up where we’re at with an estimated $56-million in debt as of last year, this should have been known over the last couple of years and better planning should have been to basically adapt to what our debt was,” says Renaud. “I mean the town’s done a lot of great things but we didn’t plan for it properly.” He adds that he would like to see the town more strongly marketed as a tourist and retirement community and calls the waterfront the crown jewel.

Renaud is also president of the Amherstburg Minor Hockey Association and sits on the Recreation Culture Committee.