Making Over Windsor’s Oldest Park

City of Windsor officials explain to residents the plans for renovations at Wigle Park during a public meeting, June 17, 2014. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Wigle Park on Erie St. in Windsor is about to get a major face lift.

A new playground is expected to be installed within the next two months. It’s something the park hasn’t had for two years, since the old equipment was crushed by a fallen tree.

Landscape Architect for the City of Windsor Stefan Fediuk says they’re then proposing to take down all fences in and around the park, then add trees, pathways and a basketball court, all while maintaining a smaller-sized soccer pitch. “We’re looking at also reconstituting the little building that’s at the corner in potentially a new location. We’re looking into how to do that, but we have to deal with the heritage committee on that particular aspect.”

A public meeting was held Tuesday night to discuss future plans for Windsor’s oldest park. Wigle Park was built as a sports park, featuring a baseball diamond and soccer field in 1908.