Another Step For County Rd. 20 Trail

A map of the study area for a trail project along Seacliff Dr. (County Rd. 20) in Leamington being considered as part of the County Wide Active Transportation Study initiative. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Leamington Council is being asked at its regular meeting Monday night to commit at least $533,593 in 2015 to a plan to build trails along County Rd. 20 from Sherk St. to Albuna Townline.

The money needs to be approved for the funding application to be accepted under the County Wide Active Transportation Study initiative.

Administration is recommending a $1.8-million design option over a $1.3-million plan, arguing it’s more prudent to replace all of the curbing in the project area at once instead of just the 40% required.

The municipality’s share of the CWATS project would be $885,880 of the recommended option, which is up from the original estimate of $455,460. However, if Leamington can get the county to cover the costs of the curbing work, it would mean the municipality’s share drops to about $586,932.