City Facing New Reality

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis at Hiram Walker & Sons Wiser's facility, February 28, 2014.

Windsor’s mayor says the city and the region are facing a whole new reality now that we no longer have representation in the governing Liberal Party.

On Thursday night, NDP Lisa Gretzky beat out Liberal incumbent Teresa Piuzza in Windsor-West which puts the closest Liberal representation in London.

Mayor Eddie Francis says┬áthe Liberals’ majority victory leaves Windsor and the region in a vulnerable position. “The fact of the matter is we do not have a voice at the table and you want a voice at the table so as to influence decisions being made at the table. It’s one thing to have a voice in the tent as compared to voices screaming at the tent. So we’ve lost our influence.”

Francis says he has a good working relationship with many members of the Liberal caucus, however, he’ll only be the mayor of Windsor for another six months.