Tracking Movement of Dangerous Goods file photo Windsor Fire Chief Bruce Montone.

Windsor Fire Chief Bruce Montone has been designated the emergency planning official in the city in order to get information from railways on dangerous good passing through the city.

The information will be given to the chief up to a year after the fact for emergency preparedness training purposes . Montone says they would like the information about dangerous goods before it makes its way into the community but this is a good first step. “To assist us to become even more prepared then we are today with those goods and commodities that are transported through our community on a regular basis. It’s that trend information that’s most valuable to us in terms of being prepared.”

The city will now try to work out an agreement with the rail companies as councillors did not want to sign the non-disclosure agreement provided to them from the Ministry of Transport. “In order to get information that is after the fact to allow our first responders the ability to respond to, heaven forbid, a disaster like what happened in Lac-Megantic, we have to sign a non-disclosure agreement that will be interpreted by the rail companies,” says Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac. “That makes me uncomfortable.”

If they cannot reach an agreement, the movement of potentially hazardous materials will remain unknown to the city.