Students Casting Ballots

Grade six students Matteo Asta (left) and Molly Campbell (right) at St. Angela Catholic Elementary School take part in Ontario's Student Vote, June 11, 2014. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

About 200,000 students across Ontario are taking part in Student Vote today.

The program teaches kids under the voting age about the democratic process, how to vote, and how to research different party platforms.

Daniel Matteo-Perdomo, a Grade 6┬ástudent at St. Angela Catholic Elementary School, in Windsor thinks it’s important to learn about. “It’s really kind of exciting because it’s teaching us how to do it in the future so that we’re going to be ready, and I want to be ready to vote so that I can choose what government I want.”

The results from the student vote are expected to be tallied later today and released early tomorrow.