Paul Martin Building Falling Apart file photo Paul Martin Building, downtown Windsor.

Businesses near the Paul Martin building in downtown Windsor are becoming more concerned about falling debris driving away potential customers.

The federal government has posted a notice with the word “DANGER” written on it, inside glass doors on the Ouellette Ave. side of the building, warning about falling stone.

Chair of the Downtown Windsor BIA Larry Horowitz is meeting with his members this morning to discuss the issue. “We’re going to have to talk to the federal government (owners of the facility), we’re going to have to talk to the custodians of the building and find out if this in fact is dangerous and how we can move forward in a way that isn’t going to take away business from our merchants for another couple of years,” says Horowitz.

In the meantime, scaffolding continues to be strung along all sides of the structure. The City of Windsor recently asked the Canadian government to pay $52,000 in encroachment fees for the scaffolding to which there has been no answer.