Francis Supports Incumbents file photo, Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis working in his office.

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis believes the incumbents are the best people to represent Windsor and the region.

He says he’s not telling people how to vote but when it comes to two main issues for Windsor-Essex, the new hospital and Chrysler, he believes the best representation will come from Taras Natyshak, Percy Hatfield and Teresa Piruzza.

Francis says people need to consider what it would mean if there is no Liberal representation in Windsor. “Do you want a seat in a minority government or do you want a seat in opposition? Because the Liberals could either be a minority government or they could be in opposition to a minority Tory government. From my perspective, I think Teresa [Piruzza] has worked very hard for this region and this community and with those two issues on the table, with regards to the hospital and Chrysler, I know all three incumbents will fight hard for this community.”

Francis believes the riding to watch on Thursday night will be Windsor West.