Candidates Give Last Campaign Push

Candidates in the Essex riding for the Ontario 2014 election attend radio debate at Blackburn Radio studios in Leamington on June 10, 2014. From left to right: NDP incumbent Taras Natyshak, Green candidate Mark Vercouteren, PC candidate Ray Cecile, Liberal candidate Crystal Meloche. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Provincial candidates in the Essex riding are hoping their last push to voters, heard through the debate live on Country 95.9 FM and 92.7 FM, will be enough to secure an election win.

“Our economy is recovering from the global recession, but we can’t risk veering off track,” says Crystal Meloche, the Liberal candidate answering a constituent’s question on helping low income earners. “We need to move forward with a steady, balanced approach and we’ve already done that by increasing the minimum wage and we are working on bringing down the cost of living.”

Green Party candidate Mark Vercouteren agrees with the NDP position of increasing the minimum wage to $12/hr.

“To offset that for small businesses we’re going to cut the payroll tax and the health care tax to actually help them,” says Vercouteren.

“What we need to do is ensure, first of all, that we have some measures of affordability put into place,” says NDP incumbent Taras Natyshak. “Ensuring that your car insurance rates aren’t astronomical. Ensuring that your hydro rates are reasonable and making sure that when you do go to work, that you’re paid adequately.”

“I want to make sure that we stop the money grabs that are going on right now,” says Ray Cecile, the Essex PC candidate. “With the Ontario College of Trades, Drive Clean and some of the eco fees you’re paying right now, that will help us bring down the cost of living.”

Voters head to the pollsĀ on Thursday.