Board Chipping Away At Deficit

Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board Superintendent of Business Mario Iatonna, January 28, 2014. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board is expecting to lay off teachers, even though it’s proposing a $1.1-million operating surplus next year.

That’s because Superintendent of Corporate Services Mario Iatonna says the board’s still digging out of a $14.1-million capital deficit, and expecting a 4.1% drop in enrollment. “With the declining enrollment, the budget does show a reduction in the number of teachers. I’m not familiar with the contractual nuances, but human resources is looking at that, and will determine the number of layoffs.”

Next year’s projected surplus will be thrown in with excess operational money from last year and this year, putting the board at $11.6-million in total. Iatonna hopes the board’s books can be officially balanced by 2017.

The Catholic board’s proposed budget will be available for public comment over the next couple weeks, before a final meeting on June 23.