Stars Blank ANB

Windsor Stars players practice at Academy Ste. Cecile in Windsor's west end on June 3, 2014. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

The Windsor Stars have won their first League1 Ontario game with a 1-0 victory over ANB Futbol.

Stars Head Coach Steve Vagnini says his team had many opportunities to bring up their score earlier in the game on Saturday, but didn’t deliver. However, Vagnini says they brought their “A” game defensively.

“Defensively we were really good. We were sharp, we did what we practiced. Now we just have to work a little bit on cooling things down,” he says. “We were rushing things and it took us away from the game a little bit. As soon as we settled down, we started taking it to them.”

It was striker Mike Pio who scored the winning goal during a penalty shot to win the game for the Stars.

The Windsor Stars take on Toronto International for their their home opener at the McHugh Soccer Complex in Windsor on June 14.