New Name Logo For Canadiens

The logo for the Lakeshore Canadiens courtesy of the Lakeshore Canadiens.

The Belle River Canadiens have a new name and a new logo.

The owners of the Jr.C hockey team have changed the name to the Lakeshore Canadiens. Co-owner John Savage says a problem popped up when the team decided to trademark its name and logo. “We ran into a little bit of an issue with the NHL because the logo insignia we were using for the Belle River Canadiens was so closely associated with the Montreal Canadiens.”

Savage says it’s not just a Belle River team. “We kept the primary name that component being the Canadiens,” he says. “That’s the legacy of the club.”

He also says the team will eventually move into the Lakeshore Multi-Use Recreation Facility, so the timing seemed right to make a change.