Land For New LDSS Purchased

Property for the new Leamington District Secondary School building.

Planning can now begin on the new Leamington District Secondary School now that deals to purchase nine parcels of land have closed.

A total of just under 20 acres along Oak St. W was purchased by the school board, with roughly $3.5-million budgeted to complete the transactions.

Superintendent of Business Cathy Lynd says there were some obstacles that needed to be cleared before the deals could close. “We had environmental site assessment completed on all parcels of land. One had been used as a scrap yard and greenhouse, so it required further environmental remediation. We had that remediation completed.”

Architects are now working on the design of the school, which should be ready for the public to see in the fall. Construction is slated to begin next spring, with the school opening in the fall of 2016. Lynd says a budget for construction won’t be ready until the design is complete.