Balloonapalooza Trying To Stay Afloat

Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association Chair Larry Horowitz talks outside of the DWBIA office on Pelissier St. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Windsor’s cold-air balloon festival is on the brink of cancellation.

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association needs to raise $30,000 in ten days, or it will be axing Balloonapalooza from its summer line-up. DWBIA Chair Larry Horowitz says, “the casino contribution has been cut out, the tunnel commission decided to cut $15,000 off of our budget, plus there’s the five-year repayment of the Canderel building, the property tax that has to be re-payed and streetscape that we have to pay from back years.”

Horowitz is asking sponsors, businesses or residents to come forward with contributions if they’d like to see the family-friendly festival return to downtown Windsor on August 15.

This year’s overall Balloonapalooza budget is $125,000; down from $165,000 last year.  Of that, the DWBIA is putting up $59,000 after spending $90,000 on last year’s festival.