Maidstone Bicentennial Museum Changes Ownership file photo of Lakeshore Town Council.

The Maidstone Bicentennial Museum building on Puce Rd. in Lakeshore is being sold to the Maidstone Historical Society for $2.

The municipality currently owns the building, and that is causing some problems when it comes to funding for the society.

“This will allow them to take over ownership. Whenever they’ve applied for grants they were turned down because the building was owned by the municipality,” says Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain. “They do some of the upkeep on the property and we give them, as well as our other museum in the municipality, a $10,000 grant towards maintenance.”

The municipality is also granting the society more parking south of the Public Works yard. If the society no longer needs the building or cannot maintain it, it will be sold back the municipality for $2.